Thursday, February 14, 2013


There is nothing to do here, but wait
for the sun to shine again,
so take pleasure in the clutching leaves
lit from below and how the wind
doesn’t catch us here.

It’s better than it was inside, right?
We’re not so nervous now that a few stars
can prick the gloaming sky, so
we can say anything here
amid the sounds of cars and fights
and parties and no one will care.

Maybe you are afraid of what we’ve done,
but it happens all the time.
We slip out of this world,
somewhere no one is and pretend
things aren’t the way that
they have always been.

When the sun comes up it will be
our secret, but come this close to me,
talking of how it should,
knowing this shining of night
will have nothing to do but wait
behind the rusting day.

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