Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Going

We’ll pursue the vibrance, feel it in the seat
of pants we’ve sewn back together
more than once. The humming
which accompanies energy; your
car, your pulse and cadence, you’re cooing
in your sleep, that song (I can’t recall the words),
crickets pulsating just outside the house of today.
The heat is parching, and grabbing your neck
in my teeth I recall the peanuts of summer,
childhood, that same sweat beading on
our temples as we move together, nearer,
wanting this soul to dive into you,
as yours has into mine.
Already the road trails behind us,
and the plans we make on bits of paper
turns to down around us each night
and then swells and pushes us from sticky sleep.
Already we are a million pieces of each other
swarming around in a storm, ready to fight,
to break and to mend and to fight
and to fight and sheen and drive, ¬¬¬¬
for we are the silver lining, the shine
that bounces off people walking past,
they know about us.
It is obvious,
that we are going to cover the ground
and live forever.¬¬¬

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